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It’s been a busy time in the video kitchen since the 2023 kicked off and I stated making shorts. Let me know what you think of this new format and if you want me to keep producing them. Each short takes about 3-6 hours on average to make if I have the idea already.  
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I am now hosting my free column on Patreon and encourage you to come over to the new space and don’t miss out! I’ve been posting there daily and I have a lot of things for you to see that don’t require a membership so please join me and see how much Patreon has changed for the better.
The Thoth inside YOUR Brain!
Thoth is the embryonic brain when the first memories are stored. The shape of this brain looks like a heron or stork and so we use its shape to build a cosmology under Thoth. This is why we associate a new birth with the stork. We divined this world by pulling it from the oracle of mythology.
There can be only one Osiris
My book Ark of Baphomet explains the original meaning of Osiris and I was given the opportunity to speak about it at AstroGnosis2. Here I dramatically explain why he was separated into so many pieces. Monotheism is the expression of conscious agency. Our neurons compete for control over the helm. This is why we can only understand ourselves clearly as gestalt.
Top 3 Pentagon Puppets – Whistleblowers
Government’s most precious resource is attention. Whistleblowers are great for making sound. It’s fine to say government lies but it is more accurate to say government publishes what it must to keep the nation’s attention. At the base of what we define as “good” is something that must thrive. Therefore, a “good” government would do what is required to secure itself as the government.
The Pharaoh’s Bluff
Moses said “Let my people go” but Pharaoh had already fired them. The people of Shasu where the nomads of Yhw. The wandering slave tribe was too expensive for a dying egypt. Moses and his people unionized after the economy was already gone. This is why the pyramids aren’t mentioned in the Bible. This is why the statues faces are broken.
Witchmakers of America
All over history a two-party archetype is required to distribute medicine to its people. This is the archetype of the witch-finder. Its chant sounds like this…  “People are dying … It’s not enough to think it’s “important.” We must make it urgent.” A few witchfinders in history: Matthew Hopkins. Tezcatlipoca. Salem’s Elizabeth Hubbard. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Al Gore. Lobbyists. Actors like Sean Penn. Alfreda Frances Bikowsky. Michael Scheuer. Osama bin Laden. Collin Powell. George Bush. The beat goes on.
The Garden of Manhattan
Manhattan is the garden of the Magician. The island is its circle. The city is its checkerboard. The towers are its tuning fork. Building 7 is the gift that showed us how easy it is to throw a pillage. The ritual did more to expose port authority corruption than anything else ever could. Moreover it dilated the world and placed a division between its towers. From that moment on there were those who saw the truth and those who did not. David Rockefeller and the CIA taught an entire civilization what it was like to be surrounded by people who were asleep. It showed us the danger and the futility in reasoning with anyone on the other side. There were two worlds made visible by two towers.
The Warren Commission’s Only Job
The Warren Commission thwarted state law and removed a ruling jurisdiction’s ability to conduct a criminal investigation into a murder. This is a tell and there are many more to consider. The algorithm doesn’t mind you seeing the truth. It simple wants to maintain its hermetic seal. I have a presentation called “The Hermetics of 911” and it is worthy of your witness.
The Passion of Julian Assange
The algorithm doesn’t mind you seeing the truth. It simple wants to maintain its hermetic seal. I have a presentation called “The Hermetics of 911” and it is worth your time. See it here:
Locutus of Borg on AI
Locutus of Borg warns that humanity’s biggest danger with AI is human censorship. This is a clip from the movie – AI and Quantum Creativity. 
Ancient Two-party System Found
America is Amuraka, an ancient two-part snake. Learn about the two-party Temple to Authority. The Liberty Bell of Coyolxauhqui. The Great Seal of the United States is Mixcoatl. The Eternal Flame of Xiuhtecuhtli and the New Fire Ceremony. The Lobbyist and Witchfinder General of Tezcatlipoca. The meaning of the Purple Heart.
The Crucifixion of Hermes Trismegistus
The story of Jesus on the Cross is the story of Hermes Trismegistus and the crucifixion of Consciousness between two lobes. Both brains are misguided thiefs, one repents, the other does not.

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