My channel on YouTube right now

My channel on YouTube right now.

The same piper playing the frequency of war is running through corporate America this summer. Those who resist the innoculate draft may live. Those who enlist become an instrument for its machine. Natural selection has never been more civilized. Don’t forget how hard it is to find a new employee. Use that knowledge as strength for your immunity field. There are things far more important than money or a job. Once you let them inside, they decide when it’s time for you to run. Humanity was never a virus. This is how the lion hunts. The fact you’re still reading me proves you have what it takes to survive.

I have been penalized by YouTube for two weeks so I won’t be able to live stream there for a while. I hooked up with the folks at Rokfin though and today’s episode isĀ  #234 – Logan’s Run. I will return to YouTube as soon as I can but Rokfin might be a better option for you. Let me know what you think. They offer an iOS app you can download also. Like YouTube, you will need to sign up for a free account to interact on Rokfin. We had a dojo today too. If you have any feedback on when you’d like to dojo please let me know.

Please come say hi and leave a comment over at Rokfin. It helps a lot as we go from 15,000 subscribers all the way down to 75. If you keep listening, I’m not going anywhere.

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