Open Your Reality with Chad

I had a great conversation yesterday with Chad at Open Your Reality. Thanks for hosting this, Chad.

6 thoughts on “Open Your Reality with Chad

  1. I loooved this interview! <3 It resonated on so many levels. Had to listen a couple of times. I got very excited about reading some of your books. The only thing that makes me hesitate is that I am wondering if I will be able to understand them, as I observed that you were using quite a lot of “academic” words in the way you explain things. I am not a native English speaker and not from an academic background either. I can manage English literature on some level but it would be too laborious for me to have to sit and read a book while at the same time having to look up a gazillion (SOME would be OK of course) words in a dictionary; it destroys the flow of understanding what is a complex topic to begin with. Any thoughts?
    I checked the library database in my country, but no books are available for me to sample.

  2. I wish James would apply his high powered intellect to explaining the “fact” that God is truly Omnipresent and what “that” means. Each of is consists of 100% GOD, yet each of us possess various levels of awareness of this reality. James True is as brilliant and knowledgeable as anyone on Earth. Unfortunately, he is so confusing that “FEW”, if anyone, understands what he’s talking about. James will become a Great Value to God when he learns how to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Currently, he is too concerned with and controlled by his Satanic Ego-desire to be perceived as the most brilliant man on earth, as opposed to being concerned with effectively communicating his powerful truth. James needs to preach as if he’s trying to teach a bunch of 10 year olds. James “fails” in being very helpful because he is still controlled by his Satanic Ego. When he begins Keeping his message simple enough for a 10 year old to understand him, then he will begin creating incredibly powerful and positive change. I still love James True, even though he is so confusing.

    1. Maybe you are confused by him, but many of us are not. For me everything he says rings true and he does not give off the arrogance you call “satanic ego” in fact I find him quite humble for someone with such amazing depth and intelligence.

    2. You have made clear the few calories you have spent following the work of James True. For the past two years, James was the largest portion of my son’s homeschooling schedule. I often find myself having to revisit his past shows. Each time, I find more understanding and clarity. Some shows my son and I have watched over and over, not because James was confusing, but because our apature was finally open enough to see. James has enough compassion for his audience to know we are ready for big boy pants now. James has confidence in us knowing we will put in our own calories to grasp his work. You are unaware of the vast amount of people James has enriched with his knowledge. Anyone who finds his work confusing is simply on their own journey opening their apature. Considering your still using terms like “controlled by Satanic Ego,” comments toward James is you projecting your own victim hood. I suggest you revisit all his work. Watch however long it takes for the dots to connect in you. Eventually, it will clear that “bad case of victim” right up.

    3. I, for one, don’t wish to spoken to as though I were 10 years old. I enjoy the challenge of comprehending what is being said and I find it worthwhile to do so.

  3. James, I have been following your work for years and also, Chad’s interviews for quite some time. It was so good to see you two speaking together. I can tell that you made quite the impression on him! I absolutely love how humble and uplifting your teaching style is….I really appreciate you, James!

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