Snows trumpet

Can you hear the snow’s quiet trumpet?

Its silent song serenading the gray.

Cold flakes falling in the ballroom of winter.

Gravity tickles lose her gentle curtsy.

Witness wet chastity dressed for her wedding.

A feathery waltz down to soil’s massive ache.

She is frozen crystal in timeless perfection.

How wickedly jealous the fire must be.

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15 years ago

her gentle curtsy… beautiful!

15 years ago

Lovely 🙂

Snow’s trumpet is being heard in these parts these days. At least it’s a slow and gentle approach, rather than a sudden burst of iciness!

curious girl (lisa)
15 years ago

wow! you have such a way with words.

15 years ago

“Venerates” is such a great word.

Georgia (AKA g-bug)
15 years ago

one of my favorite CDs that i play at Christmas is of all classical trumpet and organ music (Bach and others).

this poetry makes me think of it. and i can’t wait to break it out!

beautiful poem.