The Capital of Punishment

The capital of punishment is ownership. We pull weeds from the ground we own. We protect our children with a spell of banishment to their room. How we treat life is complicated. Let’s take a moment to lift up its sanctity. It seems the zeitgeist has stopped celebrating abortion as an instrument to kill fascism. Let’s use this momentum for a good purpose. We mocked life for so long we forgot it’s priceless. Two things happen in a system where everything has a price. We lose the meaning of priceless. We gain the meaning of worthless. Putting a price on things is a spell we imbue in the aether. It sticks like goo to what we assign it for the rest of our life. These grapes are $3.99. That racehorse is $7.2 Million. We traverse the matrix with a price gun tagging everything with the mark of the beast. We place our children on the shelf for sale. When I was fifteen-years-old I was worth $4.25. We sell our essence by the hour. We pretend its sane to chase zeros with decimal tails.

A poorly managed state secretes dissonance on purpose. Angst is wet silk the spider spins into cream. Anti-fascism is the other set of legs for fascism. She wraps us in a shroud while we choke each other out. We make our own anesthesia. Hope is a drip from an IV. Hope is not our friend he’s our drug dealer. There’s a fine difference between hope and faith. It’s as hard to see as the thickness of a sheet of paper. We’ve reduced ourself to scrolls. Were using a spider’s money in a spider’s court with words from its hairy mandible. She assigns a price to all of us eventually. She is the blackest of widows and we never see her face.

This entire operation we live in is an energy farm. It’s agitated from a laser pointer of media. It shines a spotlight on a field of sheep huddled under the sky’s blanket. The flock is zombified from marauding coyotes dressed in wool. A blue donkey stands guard in welding goggles and galoshes. His sheep are starving for justice. The lack sprouts an addiction as they hunger for blood. They believe evil is a hatched from the ribcage. This entire system has been wired for this response. We pretend this place is broken as we snort hope behind the stairs. The flavor of fear’s adrenalin marinates our meat for an owner’s plate.

We are the energy of thought. The range of our belief puts limits on our thinking. If we insist our voice won’t carry outside the tent we never see the Aurora Borealis. It heard us whisper a Pheonix last fall. It heard a rising eagle last night. We are enclosed in a cave with the trappings of mind. Stalagtites are the petrified tears of a hungry sky. Under the blinders and bridle of society’s reigns, we are hypnotized by the clomping of our feet. They tell us we must be free since we keep moving. Git along, little dogies. We justify every step to feed the machine.

If prisons weren’t greenhouses we’d have justice. A jail is as simple as a dog kennel. Do dogs have an underground drug trade? Do they come out with new chips on their shoulder? Are they radicalized by the FBI? We become addicted to justice when it’s inconsistent. We develop an unhealthy relationship with something we need to survive. The dissonance makes us feel worthless. And so we are. Can a mother kill her baby with a reason? Can a father kill his son with one? Can a state kill a citizen with the same? We live in an insane society yet we insist on giving the warden a key. The price tag for a human is a barometer for how much we reject sovereignty. The vector of slavery is inversely congruent with the sanctity of life.

To rage against the machine is to feed it. It only starves when we change the subject. We want capital punishment because we were chemically trained for the taste. It comes with sinister changes to the role of the state. I don’t need you to agree. I know many want the gallows hung higher. But we are getting worse at freedom not better. It should be something we sip on after dinner. If the state can take a life what else can it take? If the state held no sovereignty over our lives they would hold no sovereignty over our labor. We would have a unanimous government again. Like the people of the longhouse did for 500 years.

It’s hard to tell the left abortion is wrong. It’s hard to tell the right capital punishment is wrong. Convincing either of them to stop condoning murder is nearly impossible. If a mother says, “I tried to punish him with no luck. So, I killed him” is that okay? If not, then why is it okay for the state to say the same? This is an exercise for our thoughts on sovereignty. We know the state is insane yet grant them more sovereignty than our parents. We give this power to a random committee of jurors. A committee is a corporation. This corporation decides who should live or die. We would call it inhumane if this decree came from one person. We prefer the machine. We hold it in higher esteem. Our legal system is a modern witch trial where everyone dresses nice. We are far too modern to be wrong. There are only two sides in the quest for victory. To agree or not to agree. Victory is the question.

The prime argument for capital punishment is deterrent. So how can we believe in a wall but not prison? Both are built on the same foundation of thinking. If banishment deters crime let us banish our felons in prison properly. Or should we shoot people at the border to be sure? Some already agree. Their thoughts should accompany abortion. Both take life on the ethics of utility. Wishful thinking decides a state would never execute the innocent. Psychotic thinking believes a few wrongful deaths every now and again are acceptable. We are our own worst slave masters. We spit on the sanctity of ourselves every day.

Lately, I notice people wanting to disagree before I speak. By habit, I try and stop them which is wrong. I am blessed by the foolishness I see in society. It reminds me of what a fool I can be. There are cracks in everyone’s character. They’re glazed with magnesium and cobalt and cast in fire. Our splintered veins are beautiful when we bake them in the oven. None of us need to agree. Conforming is fuel for machines. It crams living people inside it and separates them into two piles – those who agree and those who don’t. Dichotomy is the essence of slavery. It’s wisdom, not unity we should be chasing. Unity is the nectar of zeitgeist. Wisdom is the nectar of God.

To think and to believe is the mind breathing. We pull thoughts into our mind’s lung. We exhale a belief. We harvest pollen from every decision. Decisions are a trance we play on the train while we travel. Thinking is the opposite of flowstate. It’s a goose who’s stopped for directions. The moment we think, our world is obscured by a holodeck. Like an overhead screen in a video game, it’s helpful but not immersive. Immerse yourself in the game of toes and fingers. Find power and health by squeezing its fruit on the tongue. Carl Jung called thought logos and belief eros. Our decisions are arrows shot from the tension between mind and spleen. Our will is the sinew stretched from the teeth of reason and imagination. We launch ourselves through space and time. Faith is a quick release of feathered vanes spun through a dynamo.

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Thanks James was just thinking about faith and hope being on the side of scarcity while Will and Knowing are on the side of abundance. Using sides is not very good ( 2 judgements in 1!) but we are in a duality! Tlepathy would be the thing!


Hey James:) This post is somewhat off-topic with regards to the article but felt like leaving a comment addressing this mind control topic on a more general basis (and pardon my English as I am not a native speaker). The breaking of the veil is a sobering and quite depressing experience to be honest with you James! It has its ups and downs but the feeling of hopelessness through some of this information is sometimes hard to deal with! And like in the movie the matrix when that guy that betrays Neo asks to be plugged back into the Matrix… Read more »


Hi James, interested in more details on your thoughs on this. I am against abortion. I understand you don’t have children, my thoughts on freedom and liberties run along the similar lines as the golden rule. Hypothetically lets say someone rapes or kills one of your loved ones. They have harmed or taken/ stolen from that person. Now I believe in just force. So maybe something along the lines of chemical/ surgical castration for a rapist. For someone that has killed, what are your thoughts here. We are not living in times where banishment is really plausible and it leaves… Read more »

MK Ultra Girl

nice to read spiritual insight applied to a contrary world. higher spirituality over higher intellect is a much better salve for healing the rent in time, IMO.

Caroline Hurry
Caroline Hurry

Beautifully penned piece, James. I especially liked: ‘Stalagtites are the petrified tears of a hungry sky.’ Much food for thought here. Thank you!