The Eye of Reality

Eye of Reality Live Presentation

An evening with James True on the Eye of Reality, Saturday, August 21st, 2021. The mechanics of reality requires consciousness to be received through a central point where it can be filtered with dopamine and melanin. The Pineal Gland is the first eye, not the third. Reality comes to us through this crystal ship before it can be painted in our senses. This process is necessary for our nervous system to remain operational. We don’t see reality. We see what we are capable of seeing without shutting down.

Hope to see you there!

Eye of Reality Live Presentation

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1 year ago

The First Eye, Not the Third

The pineal gland is the first eye,
Not the Third.
Dopamine and melanin filter
Before painting a picture
In our physical senses.
The filtering processes out
Aspects of reality
To maintain the stability and integrity
Of the nervous sysem.

Shock can be deadly.

Our minds are being mined.

Our ability
To clearly and coherently
Perceive reality
Is distorted by toxic pollution.
A by-product of the mind-filtering process:
„Our“ doubts, fears, and anxieties.
The lies we tell ourselves
Are poisoned thoughts
Created in this toxic witches‘ brew.
Our antidote is
About why we do a thing.

Our doubts, fears, and anxieties develop
Into judgment
Which limits our experience of reality.
We cannot see a thing 
If it is „good“ or „bad.“
A Stoic approach:
See a thing clearly,
Without emotion.

Clear and coherent thought.

Clear and coherent thought.

Emotional reaction is
Victim consciousness.

Clear and coherent thought

We use the power True Creator gave us.
It is the human part of being
And is the reason our being
Is, temporarily,
In human form.

With gratitude to James True, John Trudell, and True Creator.