Government is Mafia

Under mind control, people think the mafia is rare. They also think it runs underground or operates illegally. But a mafia is just a loose collection of conspirators with a theory. And a conspiracy theory is when two or more criminals have a conversation about breaking a law. Society insists conspirators would never infiltrate the government. The term “conspiracy theory” is a mind control spell. It’s one of the blackest we’ve seen inserted into the collective. Conspiracy theory is a drenched wet blanket over a kindled fire.

Mafia is not an anomaly. The government holds a monopoly on violence. The mafia holds a monopoly on crime. Both organizations are symbiotic. Both have structures managed and built from the same skeleton. Both grew exponentially under Prohibition. Both shrunk in hunger when it was lifted. If you constrict someone’s breathing you can guarantee the first thing they’ll want to do is breath. This makes us all predictable. People will never understand how easy it is to program a population. The difference between the mafia and the government is our belief in the sanctity of badges.

Government and mafia are corporations functioning like secret societies. Under a chain-of-command, these systems insulate the organization from the outside. Omertà is the mafia oath of silence while under interrogation. Classified information is the government’s oath under scrutiny. When a crew of boys is arrested by the policeman, their loyalty is forged in the back of a squad car. The government and the mafia are machines that feed each other. They place their own survival higher than man. We have been dethroned by a machine that trades violence for gold or brass. The mafia does it for money. The military does it for praise.

The law, military, and mafia recruit from broken homes. The recruits find comfort inside the machine. They are baptized in death rituals and raised above the law. They operate inside a slippery bubble of morality. These men kill as part of their job. The most satanic phrase ever spoken is, “It’s nothing personal.”

After Prohibition, the mafia and the government merged. They consolidated resources and took over the human farm of America. Army and Navy units began grooming private squadrons of international gangsters. The Central Intelligence Agency began as a secret society inside the Army. In Kay Griggs 1998 interview on satanism in the military, she outlined the initiation into the Brotherhood requires a kill on domestic soil. Just like the mafia, the machine of military and government feeds on human sacrifice. The recruit takes the life of his target. The machine takes the life of the shooter. Being decorated as a hero or a wiseguy is a death ritual. We treat the military as the golden child and the mafia as the scapegoat. Our lack of sovereignty is the only true cause to blame.

There is nothing rare about the mafia. The Boston mob has shipped weapons to Ireland under the cloak of the American military. Zionists from Germany used the military to launder money. The Brooklyn mob, the New Jersey mob, and the Dixie mob in Louisiana all have had their tentacles in the armed forces. Former Los Angeles FBI director Ted Gunderson confirms these reports and goes on to outline the mafia’s role in law enforcement. “Who you gunna tell?” is a mind control campaign of gang intimidation. The symbology on shields and uniforms reveals the truth of these campaigns. The mafia hunts in broad daylight on our roads and in our squad cars. We believe their shiny badges and medals are incorruptible. We do this because we want to believe. We need scrutiny’s calories to pay the mortgage.

When I joined the Navy, my recruiter told me I should bring all the cigarettes, candy, and magazines I could pack. I arrived in San Diego for basic training early in the morning. When we got off the bus we were told to separate our property into three cans. This was the first lie. The upper ranks chuckled as they regained some of the lost dignity when they were in our shoes. Lies are the glue for comradery. I was powerless under their seniority.

Studies show 100% of people thrown into a pit desire salvation.

Ascension programs always start with a fall. From the moment I got off the bus, I would thirst for levity. They shaved my head. They changed my clothes. They took my name. Whatever I had to do to stay above the dark water. Pits are gatekeepers for ascension programs and victim predictability. You fall in the enlistment. You rise when you obey. The experience trauma bonds you to the rest of the machine. You are promoted in the military. You are made in the mafia. You are elected to Congress. A broken target will always call salvation the captain of his ship.

Gunderson claimed the first World Trade Center bombings in 1993 were FBI mafia ops. They link Bush to the Clintons via the Arkansas drug trafficking business hidden by the Rose Law firm. Again, elite military working with the regional mafia. Mobs aren’t anomalies, they are scaffolding. Through the mafia, the cabal feeds the spider. Brotherhood JAG officers infiltrate local courts as judges and political appointees. Michael Aquino is not an anomaly. Griggs says most full bird Colonel’s are promoted through blackmail and sodomy rituals. A recruited, poor, fatherless young man is a Satanists wet dream. The cabal doesn’t need flags, religion, patriotism, or even a common language to thrive. It only needs vulnerable broken young men to do something they are ashamed of for the promise a pedestal. This is the recipe for vampires.

The brotherhood is everywhere. Their symbols don’t just intimidate kids. They reinforce obedience. It has to be out in the open for it to work. Missing children is the transmission of the cabal. Without human sex trafficking, the mafia goes nowhere. That’s why a friend in Missouri isn’t allowed to track a missing child by a photo for 30 days. In 30 days that child will be gone. This is not an anomaly, it’s a nationwide feature. Do you see the world wide web yet? They dangle it in our face and in the media. The spider is so huge and close that fear makes us blind and oblivious. We think it’s all random anomalies but this machine is perfect. This is the anatomy of a cabal. It’s time to make our sleepy neighbors uncomfortable. It’s time to put a tax on apathy and denial. Epstein is a door. The zeitgeist will only be open for so long. Be smart with your words. You don’t need to convince them. You only need to make it uncomfortable to ignore.

The Anatomy of Satanism in the military can be summed up in one quote from the movie ‘A Few Good Men.’ Lt. Kendrick (Kiefer Sutherland) explains his views on sovereignty to a court, “The only proper authorities I’m aware of are my commanding officer, Colonel Nathan R. Jessup, and the Lord our God.” The Lieutenant does not grant himself a position in the Chain of Command. The MIC chain of command uninstalls the individual as an authority. Weakening families makes this process possible, permanent, and comfortable to live under. The intercontinental mafia is an army of existentialists. They read Clausewitz, Neitzche, Sartre, and Montesquieu. They are moral relativists. According to Griggs, brotherhood members would write about these men as a senior thesis to pad their resumes. Moral relativism in the military is summed up Clausewitz, “War is the continuation of politics by other means.”

“In all my career at ATF, the people I put in jail have more honor than the top administration in this organization.” – Agent Bob Hoffman

The Waco, Texas Massacre was a pillage ritual used to cover the murders of four Clinton witnesses. The evidence for the raid at Waco was an unsubstantiated rumor of a $200 unpaid tax on a single automatic rifle. The ATF would broadcast the sounds of rabbits being tortured over loudspeakers during the siege. They planned every part of this ritual for months. At the 12:46 mark in this film, you see one ATF agent kill three of Bill’s Clinton’s former bodyguards after they enter a window from the roof of Mount Caramel. A fourth Clinton bodyguard was killed onsite in the parking lot before the siege began.

Timothy McVeigh listed Waco as a contributing factor for his attack in Oklahoma City. His execution was carried out four times faster than any other prisoner in federal history. In 2002, Gore Vidal wrote McVeigh “told us why he did it at eloquent length. But our rulers and their media preferred to depict him as a sadistic, crazed monster … who had done it for the kicks:” The Clintons are only one of the many mobs running America. Arkansas crime was not their creation. Infrastructure is required for the giant spider to feed. Their hit list is well over 200 domestic murders. Sixteen deaths are from plane crashes alone. The Waco massacre was trivial.

I’ve only told you about four American mobs and we haven’t even mentioned Chicago. Obama’s first two elections were won on technicalities and disqualifications from inside the party. In Chicago, the mob united into a monolithic force called the Outfit. Mob brotherhood permeates America deep in its shorts. Shitbags like Sheriff Israel are a standard feature in cities across America. All of them thrive under the singular watchful eye of the FBI. How’s that working out for you? How’s that working out for the spiders?

From the drug cargo ships of JP Morgan to the cocaine submarines seized by the coast guard, the mafia is an independent state living inside our country. False flags are the satanic machine priming the system for another season. Terror and intimidation are the melancholy Santa ringing a bell outside the mall. These uneasy feelings fill up their coffers. We have no idea what happens to that money once it drops. Satanic evacuation requires a constant stream of reliable injustice. America has been drowning in its spinal fluid for centuries. The Brotherhood has permeated every nook and cranny of our military and our justice department. They can turn any of us against any of us with one call.

The brotherhood mob is decentralized and distributed. This makes the spider web invisible to the eye. We only see a small spider here or a bigger spider there. We are in complete denial of the mother living underground. She lays new eggs each day inside our trust. This is the anatomy of satanism in government. It has henchmen, agents, directors, and tycoons. It goes higher than the president of a country. It goes higher than Kissinger but we’ll never hear those names. Satanism outranks us all. As long as we fear ourselves, we will continue to work for an international human cartel of evil. We will protect their assets in broad daylight with naive ignorance at the sight of a badge or medal.

We shed ourselves to join Hollywood and the military. We sign up to be raped and rebuilt with a new appetite and compass. We mark success with silver medals and golden idols. We are cheered for our acts of self-destruction. MIC and Hollywood eat our flesh to stay alive. Like Hollywood, the tree of liberty is covered by cameleons of red, white, and blue. Satanism is loyalty to colors. It worships our ability to wear a uniform and do our job.

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Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo
1 year ago

This all sounds like the Matrix. Born in the machine and no real way out unless you go through serious pain of unlearning and abandonment. It’s very lonely for the sovereign mankind. A free man on the earth is how God wanted it to be.

Also if what James says is true, how is he still alive? He either has some false information or not a big enough audience yet. This is a dangerous undertaking to call out the beast! Mad props!

1 year ago

Thanks – one of the most awful thngs about the 1st world war for me was the women who went round throwing feathers at men who did not want to go to war. Maybe not even true though!!??

Alex Lemas
Alex Lemas
1 year ago
Reply to  Jennifer

The word “slackers” was originally applied to those who wouldn’t serve. George Creel led the propaganda machine during that period.

2 years ago

I think the correct time stamp for the Waco Raid is 14:20

Great writing and perspective as usual!

2 years ago

nvm…. was confused about the time stamp thing. sorry 🙂

Daniel Urbaetis
2 years ago

Well done. As far as my military experience, I was lied to from the time I was in the recruiter’s office until the time I dug my way out from that abysmal pit. Always told I should be grateful rather than call them out on their deception. I was given the wrong A school, forced through it anyway, and then denied a chance to get into the rate I was sold on in the first place. They tried breaking me all the time I was in, but in a way where I still maintained integrity and good character, I made it my mission to be a constant festering thorn in their side. Incidentally, I can tell you from 1st hand experience that the coast guard escorts drug boats into the US. The only time they apprehend anything or anyone is if they’re not already working with them. The open joke since the 60s is that “the Coast Guard has the best drugs.” This should infuriate any parent, any taxpayer, any American. It should further upset any Coast Guard member whose time is wasted on a principle that was nothing but vapor.

2 years ago

YES: The Government is the Mafia. They were created in opposition (f.e. by dividing via prohibition) but work together right now. Its the same for fires – statistically firemen are laying out more fires than usual people just to become famous=power.

Read your articles and want to give you some feedback from my reality. Hope my english is well, because as a germany its not my native language.

Be me: Worked for the government (a few times – ####) and one time for the policeofficer of my town and created his official visitingcards. At first it was funny that he wants me to use the font “Comic Sans” (the “joke of a font”) but that was not the end. He gave me the adress of one of his friends for some more work – an italian restaurantowner and the biggest cocaine dealer in my town at that time. Hated the job, the italian guy, stopped, broke up the communication. Also did not produced more visitingcards for the policeofficer after he asked me to do that roundabout one year later. The cards show the same “ritual star” (like allmost all over the world) in the background and “Comic Sans”-text in the front. “Comic Sans”…
A few years later I came in contact with an criminalpoliceman through my best friend at that time. We ate together and smoked pot (!!!) afterwards. He knew my name, what I did and so on. It was a scary experience so I told my friend that I wont visit him when the policeman is at his home. My friend told me that the policeman said to him “You (=me) would dig a 6 meter deep grave if you (=me) would know what I (=policeman) know.”.
It sounds totally crazy but happened that way. Its even now on my (business) website – I can show you if you want. My conclusion is that some policemen behave and are just terrorists.
“Medical pot” was legalized in germany 2017 and I get it legally as a (very good) painkiller since that year. At that issue everyone with a few braincells can see how most governments of the world (((work))):
The state I am living in criminalized and treated me very bad for using (in my case the best) medicine over years. Right now the same $#%§ state charge 100% extra tax for “Medical pot” because they say the naturally untouched buds are so called “receptpharmacy” which usually means the pharmacy/drugstore will mix medicine together from different ingredients. Its pure criminality and the power of corrupt politicians (from left-wing to right-wing) is so huge they “just do it”. Criminals (even the pharmaindustry) use a wild fast growing plant as modern monetary slavery for sick people – even gold is three times cheapier in correlation to the working ingredients (1 gramm pure THC/CBD is roundabout 100€/115$ over here).
One more: The doorbell of some people I knew rang. The police was at the door just to tell them that they have to stop dealing pot – the police told them the area was ruled by other people and they will get into trouble if the wont stop.
Thats how this world works. Ruled by mobs/mafia/government. All the same – la Familia.

One more thing about the stupid flat earth idiocracy: The earth is globe …for sure. But the geometry itself is NOT linear – its curved. The universe, the planet, the atoms. There is no (((Bauhaus))) in nature. Usually there are no flat straight lines in nature – besides the waterlevel! And the water is curved by gravity for sure too. That doesnt mean that lightwaves are curved (but they could f.e. near black holes). If these lightwaves are viewied within a camera or even your own eye (like right now) everything gets more curved. Hope you get it what I think about.

2 years ago

Brilliant piece!! Bravo, James! (I do not consent!)

Daniel Urbaetis
2 years ago
Reply to  Caroline

I do not participate. I do not consent. And I do not consent to contract with any officer of any court in relation to a victimless “crime.”