The Way to El Dorado

If you don’t like being labeled “truther” stop acting like one. Believing everything is a hoax is just as retarded as believing everything is real. “No one died” is a trauma response which means blanket denialism isn’t actually discernment so much as inflammation. Of course the government lies to you. You lie to yourself, too. Understand one to understand the other. You are here to grow consciousness not loyalty. If you fail to grow you will remain in this pasture doing what all the other sheep do. A black sheep is still a sheep. No one suffers when you’re miserable. Not even you. Your suffering feeds a desire to remain complacent by chewing off your own foot.

Stop eating yourself. The idea powerful people consider you a threat is laughable. People can’t feel threat from something that poses no danger. Power is immune to fear. There is no satisfaction in introducing even more confusion to the already confused. “They” have better things to do and so do you. The ops you see around you aren’t theater they are school. No one is doing this to distract you. Every story tells you something about how people behave under vitriol. You are learning about yourself and how easy it is to be one of them. Dojo Earth is the perfect classroom.

You gained wisdom from Building 7. You see the charade in the light of Corona. You caught the winking of Waynel Sexton. These are good lessons and proof that whatever is happening is taking you further up the ladder to where “they” are.

Know this –– most people don’t want to rise and will become angry when you do. You are an initiate in a conscious hermetic order. All of the things people find difficult to understand you will compassionate until you do. This illuminates your path to a higher ground. The people around you won’t always be with you on this pilgrimage. Enjoy time around fires and share fruit as much as you are able.

4 thoughts on “The Way to El Dorado

  1. This is powerful.

    You deftly avoid ambiguity and offer the animal farm it’s due ambivalence—not by feinging confliction but by astutely giving equal value to the white and black sheep.

    Modernity and Wilderness collapse into I.

    Wilderness encapsulates the sacred enigma. The jungle’s visage equals modernity.

    You now find, among your fellow descendants, the Underworld.

  2. Excellent points… I am reminded, yet again, of what Galandriel said to to Frodo: You are a Ringbearer (insert your name here); to bear a ring of power is to be alone (and to be it’s keeper). Thinking of our personal toroidal auric fields as a ring of power, we bear on our hermetic journey… yeah.

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