The Weirdest Show on Earth

People who believe in tropical island satanic temples, 5D ascension, secret space programs, or Zionism do not like me. Here’s the simple reason why. In this video, I talk about my weird experience on the Jeffrey Daugherty show and shed light on the limbic system and some examples of how It affects the truth movement:

You can see the Jeffrey Daugherty Interview here:

I shot this video with the Canon M50.

In this video I built a ceiling mount camera slider and mount a projector to it. I used a DC actuator rated for 85lbs which gives a nice sturdy glide when balanced correctly.

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Kieran Franey
Kieran Franey
10 months ago

Your peeling back that onion with no glasses on and jalapeno chilies on your tongue , it is your sacrifice , they want to choose the altar , find another church , reality that I can dig .

Kieran Franey
Kieran Franey
10 months ago

Hi James just come across your work , your looking for truth , all the virtues worth having come with the search for truth , it also uncovers what we need to maybe work on , your work has given people the chance to let themselves of the hook for being human and stop self soothing , and fucken grab that steering wheel, and drive ,

Fast Paint
11 months ago

Totally agree with being in the present creating something with your hands. If our entire species did this there would be no alchemist parasites! Great stuff!

End the blood sacrifice now! Sixty-Seventh Congress Sess. I. CHS 11,12. 1921 – And provided further, That the conditions of this Act Shall not apply to cables, all of which, including both terminals, lie wholly within the continental United States.

1 year ago

Haha! I love what you did there with the onion. And it’s right on! Most of the others are peeling back a layer to reveal more of the same thing, just slightly different and new. Your information is the shoot that sprouts from the onion. It’s new life and something entirely different because most have not had the authentic at all, ever. And It may be bitter but it’s got more protein. Love it brother! More pranna to you!