Tulip’s kiss

In the dawn I lay to kiss this tulip.
I admit we’ve flirted now for days.
Its face is cloistered in a tall green spire.
I could not guess her true colors underneath.
On my knees, my two lips to this tulip.
My two lips wet her bud of folding fingers.
A Woodpecker pounded its gavel for decency.
Our garden converted to a nunnery.
I decide to rise and practice my saunter.
Catching sun’s first ray with my merry men.
Two dogs, and a dwindling cat,
in the garden of pious tulips.

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Georgia B.
14 years ago

wonderful short piece!

14 years ago

life’s coffee… i can smell the aroma.

14 years ago

Wow, I loved this poem! Stunning =) It made me smile, thanks for sharing :0)

14 years ago

this is such a wonderful visual, I keep coming back to it, I can almost smell the fresh air (mountain air?) I love the analogy of “life’s coffee”
oh, and the cat, been there.