Camp Makery

Camp Makery is a campground hosting an immersive learning environment for programming and robotics. Here are some sample courses:

Robotics, Drones and 3D Programming

Virtual Reality – In this two-day course we’ll turn our desktop into a 3D world using Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Next we’ll add the ability to share this world with our classmates in real-time.

Data Glove Hand Controller – In this three-week course, students will design and program an Arduino interface glove they can wear to control a giant robot arm.

The Robot Heart – In this four-hour course, you’ll learn how to build your own working robot heart with Linux and Raspberry Pi. The heart will pulse so you know it’s on and change color based on how long it’s been since you’ve held it.

Echo Location – Create and visualize an echo location device using Arduino and third-party sensors.

Project Quad-copter – In this three-day course, students will build and program a self-leveling flying machine from scratch (Motors provided).

Team Jellyfish –In the 12-week advanced course your team will design/construct a drone-powered school of glow-in-the-dark jellyfish with network programming.

Artificial Intelligence 1 – In this 2-week course we’ll design and train an artificial intelligence neural net to “Find Waldo.”

Artificial Intelligence 2 – In this 2-week course we’ll design and train a language neural net to rate music lyrics and determine whether a song is upbeat or sad.

Alien Farm – In this 12-week course we will use the Unity Game Engine to build and publish a 3D game called: “Alien Farm”. Choose an area of focus in Character modeling, Art & Texturing, Physics & Programming.

Learning Environment

The classroom environment would include:

3D printer

Low-voltage electronics lab

Soldering stations

Computer lab

Drone flight cages

Wheel-friendly concrete flooring


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