Cave of the Patriarchs

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After completing the screenplay, “The Hidden Hand” I had a good look into what it takes to produce a movie. I showed the script to a few people in the industry. Their feedback ranged from reactions like excited, positive, dangerous, antisemitic, and cautionary. It reminded me how everyone in Hollywood has to belong to a union to work. This is a hive industry. There are queens and there are wasps. But I was immune because I wrote this story from the sheer joy of writing and never required it to be produced. I certainly visibated on it a few times. But all of that has changed now with tools like Unreal Engine and Blender. I grew up in a time where these tools were thousands of dollars to even try and now they’re available for download. It is completely by surprise I find my toolsets intersecting literature and technology at such a perfect time.  It’s time to paint this story. You guys have helped me burn every excuse I could give for not trying.

To begin, we are producing the first scene of The Hidden Hand titled, Cave of the Patriarchs. The goal here is to produce one minute of finished footage from these 18 storyboards. This will help shape the look and feel of the rest of the story moving forward. I have included a link to the PDF file of all the storyboards here: Cave of the Patriarchs


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