Dojo #1 – Much to unlearn

Members can enter the Dojo at this link.

In our first Dojo, we introduced the framework for why we are here and what we want to accomplish.

2 thoughts on “Dojo #1 – Much to unlearn

  1. I’m starting the Dojo catch up journey. I’d like to respond to the lady who asked if there was a ‘path’ My understanding is that our own life is the path. It remains for us to be fully conscious of it. Steiner gave us the tools of ‘biography mapping’ to help with this. An outline of ‘biography mapping’ is detailed in lecture 3 on the Wise Cosmos channel. Here is the link – “Human Being and the Stars 2015, Lecture 3”

    The perfect exercise for our isolation gift right now should you wish to travel that road.

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