Dojo #107 – Moderated by Lorna Hartley

4 thoughts on “Dojo #107 – Moderated by Lorna Hartley

  1. I feel you Brenda. I understand what you are speaking of, having been a perpetual victim of my myself and the life I myself created, for many years. Working my way out of it for the last 5 years…My life just keeps getting better. Just keep going! Love to you.

  2. Just catching up with the Dojo after being away also for over 2 weeks. I missed you guys!! Here in Australia school went back after the summer on 28th Jan and I volunteer there as craft assistant for Grades 1 to 4. The week before that I went to Melb to see family. We are coming out of statewide lockdown tomorrow after another week of school closures. The pumpkins have taken over the home paddock and I today managed to secure the last square hay bales in town to give them hay biscuit cushions. In short, Autumn is getting busy again. I have visited Dojo Earth briefly and I know there are friend requests. I will get to it asap. I have HOUSEKEEPIG to do. I love you. That’s all you need to remember.
    Forbearance xx

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