Dojo # 109 Moderated by Michael Wachter

One thought on “Dojo # 109 Moderated by Michael Wachter

  1. Thank you for that last question Michael. I visited Dojo Earth yesterday to get some familiarity and finally do potlatch and I got lost and I know my limitations in navigating things like this. I even tried to go back to James’ Bio page and the donations option is gone. Back again to DE and tried to potlatch ‘the Tribe group. I’m still wondering if it works like DLive where you have to load up your ‘bank’ first and distribute from there. ‘How to Potlatch for Luddites’ would be appreciated haha! This is vitriol for me, going onto sites and creating a disaster trail I can’t undo. A bit like teaching a 7 yo how to knit, I need a verse guys.

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