Dojo #112 – When Robert was Moody

Robert posted his thoughts to Facebook and it causes James vitriol. Erik takes the brunt of it for showing up today. Nicholas shows the compassion of Sequoia. Amps flew and every one of them was moderated by Lorna Hartley.

6 thoughts on “Dojo #112 – When Robert was Moody

  1. Since part of this is a back handed vote of confidence in me, even though I’ve never been-that word…I appreciate the electricity of the dojo and would like you to know that even though I’m not a danger to anyone I won’t be able to attend any live happenings for at least five years. This is because I have chosen to opt out of driving and have two pets.

  2. I’m working my way back through the last two weeks to understand what is happening. Every now and then there is a season for every human endeavour to revisit the mission statement. With Babylon burning as you so beautifully expressed, Jennifer (and Py) it’s much more than lighting candles, yes. I see the Dojo as the place of metamorphosis similar to caterpillar to butterfly, where everything breaks down into a chaotic soup out in Babylon and a few imaginal cells come together to grow the butterfly and a new way to be authentic. New prana. Or how the blood comes first in gestation and it makes the heart to pump it. The Living Man. Or even how structured water changes the water it comes into contact with. So many metaphors come for what I’m seeing here.

    America needs this, as do we all from other countries joining. All of us benefit from the exchanges here. The world needs imaginal cells.

  3. It is clear to me that, James, you are not in this for $$$$. No need to apologize for ANYTHING. You, James, have worked tirelessly on an enormous undertaking and have built something beautiful. This kind of shit is bound to happen. Hang in there. I agree the “grievance” should have been aired in dojo.

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