Dojo #125 – Moderated by Brent Scheneman

Brent asks the tribe to be in the Aquarian spirit, the newness as we share today. Josh taking time each day in that ultimate Oneness. Lynette has a spiritual messenger everyday reminding her. Ava welcomes the Aquarian age being able to use her inner child and feels safe in dojo. Many kudos to Nicholas from the tribe how he handled his dojo this past week. Moderated by Brent Scheneman.

2 thoughts on “Dojo #125 – Moderated by Brent Scheneman

  1. Amy and Dee, sometimes our emotions are so deep they scare us. Then we get angry at ourselves for being weak and it comes out in an attack. Really we are strong, since those emotions would not live in us unless we were strong. We just haven’t learned yet how to cry in gratitude for that. It’s clear you love each other. God Bless!

    Leaving a comment here to mark my catch up. Things are heating up here and I have been delving into forming associations with friends and neighbours who are being corralled into accepting a new word salad, or economic pressure. Artisan brewers in the area (friends), low income tenants whom the latest letter advises are now “renters”. It looks innocent, but what;s wrong with remaining tenants? Lot’s to research and it’s best to do it in associations of people feeling the pressure. I will visit when I can and send love to the Dojo brothers and sisters.

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