Dojo #18 – Cowards and Champions

We talk more about Reid and his stand in the library. We discussed the electricity of champions vs cowards. We reminded ourselves the purpose is not to defeat Babylon but to make it expensive. Moderated by Michael Wachter.

One thought on “Dojo #18 – Cowards and Champions

  1. This was the best Dojo yet,… I wanted to add how those of us happily married and without children, employed with security need to RISE!. This is the time we were born into and what we are being called to louder than the rest is to make it VERY EXPENSIVE. Don’t do something stupid but make it #@&#ing Expensive for Babylon and its whoreish draconian nightmares. NOT ONCE OR TWICE BUT EVERY SINGLE DAY. They are doing this to our brothers and sisters. IF THIS MESSAGE DESCRIBES YOU, AS I DOES ME… Mark my words your attention to this group and your need to stand now is not only critical but this is the very reason your avatar in Maya has chosen you for the job!! Failure to do so will resonate with you for eternity. STAND WHEREVER POSSIBLE THE TRUE HERO IS RECOGNIZED INTERNATIONALLY NOT EXTERNALLY!!! MAKE IT @!#@ing EXPENSIVE SLAY THE DRAGON (internally) AND WIN YOUR HONER WITH YOUR EARTHLY EXISTENCE!

    Inversely encourage those cavaliers to rise for you instead of projecting shame on them … they have less to lose and could be of great assistance in the days to come..

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