Dojo #21 – Pantomime Politics

In today’s Dojo, we talk about how politics as pantomime and discuss the true source of sovereignty. Lorna showcases how to hold energy in a torus and use anger as a source of power. Hosted by Brent Scheneman.

One thought on “Dojo #21 – Pantomime Politics

  1. Adam, what you said about masking is really pertinent to me. I was diagnosed with autism and my whole life i have been masking. Putting on a disguise because i never felt i could be myself and be accepted. So i gave up being accepted and withdrew from society. I have been craving a tribe that gets this, and has truth as their goal.
    I have thrown my mental mask away and am doing my best to be myself, it takes a lot of presence to do that, getting back in my cockpit and taking control. James’s podcasts have helped guide me through the fear i had of those in positions of power and to accept the vitreol that i will naturally get for being myself and opposing opression. But it is a great comfort for me now i know that it was everyone else pretending and not me.

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