Dojo #32 – The Oily Dojo

We unroll some mask alchemy and talk a bit about Animism and Kali. What if everything is perfect? What if the challenge is to figure out why or how? This is a whole new way of hunting. Moderated by Lorna Hartley.


3 thoughts on “Dojo #32 – The Oily Dojo

  1. Motor vehicle commision also, created a crisis in this state, nj! They never mailed out peoples registrations and now their is a huge waiting list; by the hundreds: and then, you are not even guaranteed to get in! I will wait till around Christmas and hopefully, it will calm down!

  2. It is also, very aggravating to me, to go into town and be the only person that will not comply! I gave up for now, i just have them deliver! sick of being sick and tired! Got in a fight with my doctors etc, to try and get some sort of “written” exemption and they will not do it!!!!!!!

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