Dojo #43 – Children of the Dojo

Sami feels the beat. A discussion on children in the dojo. A new share from Adam. Lorna removes her witness.

5 thoughts on “Dojo #43 – Children of the Dojo

  1. Thank you everyone for all you bring to the DOJO . What a great DOJO from this wednesday.
    I was really glad Matt fought for preserving Authenticity. Lorna expressed her concerns to protect her younger children. I can relate. I was really energized that the “DOJO” felt this authenticity was important to preserve and we should not self censor.

    I am a big protogonist to prevent discongruent behaviour. It is being authentic, so we all know and feel what emotions coincide with which behaviour. As a parent It is my responsibility to show authenticity and when I show sadness, anger or certain judgement explain to my children what my ownership is in that behaviour and what I try to accomplish with those strong signals towards others in life. In that way when they are exposed to something more explicit, I try to lead by example for their future experience. It makes them feel true and not lied to, which can happen (does not have to happen) when we put on a facade and play nice but feeling opposite to that.
    If they have trouble coping or finding space for that, I am sure to make the time and space for them to reflect on what I did.

    Have a great day everyone!

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