Dojo #49 – Dagmar and cannabis. Benjamin and Ava

Dagmar shared about cannabis. Benjamin expressed his feelings for Ava. The session ran long as we saw tension raise between the men and women.

3 thoughts on “Dojo #49 – Dagmar and cannabis. Benjamin and Ava

  1. Dagmar was repeatedly called out on her bullshit and not just in this episode. She constantly tried to claim that the witness and instincts of the dojo were wrong and I’m glad she’s gone.

  2. Cannabis entered my life in 1969. She has been like a guardian angel to me in many ways. I only refrain from smoking when situations/conditions demand it. This Dojo raised my awareness of where there’s smoke there’s fire.( As I wrote that my neighbors smoke alarm went off 🙂 Lots of examining for me to do. Thank you to everyone

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