Dojo #5 – The Body’s Electricity

Talk on the body’s electricity today as a feedback loop into our ego and shell. We miss these clues under the judgement of shame and pain they invoke in us. We can find a second attention in them by moving our attention.

  • 1st attention: I am in pain
  • 2nd attention: I am in awareness of the pain

2 thoughts on “Dojo #5 – The Body’s Electricity

  1. I stumbled into the Dojo somehow guys. Almost feel like I’ve broken a sacred seal to the King’s Tomb! While I’m here I might as well add to the potlatch.
    I knew an old Italian man years ago whose backyard was a food forest and he would teach me how he made his preserved tomato sauce and we’d bottle together. I took some home for my witness. He told me that the secret to making good spaghetti was to add salt and a little oil to the water. Years later I’m convince that man was God.

    We are all making spaghetti guys. Early on we get caught up in the process of the boiling and heat of it all, but ultimately, when the children have left and there’s just the two of you in the house, are your macaroni pictures still lining up? It isn’t often that people begin a relationship with the aperture that recognizes the ‘third’ being constructed in the duality. “Where two or more are gathered … ”

    Perhaps the problems begin when one or both have become so involved in the process, they’ve lost sight of the reason they were put on the stove in the first place. God Bless.

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