Dojo #58 – In the Bush

Dee reroutes a move and some heavy family stress into masks and is caught on the mat. Adam is negotiating to see his family. Moderated by Lorna Hartley.

One thought on “Dojo #58 – In the Bush

  1. Hello Dojo. I can relate to the mask problem and noted an interesting evolution in my country town (Australia) where everyone knows each other. There’s a certain strength in seeing peoples families grow up and have babies of their own. Lot’s of mom & pop stores and two supermarket chains that alternate their ‘specials’ weeks. Here’s how the mask evolution went from my personal experience in just one store, the health food co-op.
    April – No-one allowed in the store. Text your order and the goods will be brought out to you and pay only by credit card. Masks mandatory. I swung over my scarf. It was Autumn.
    June – People allowed in the store. Same deal with the mask and scarf. Everyone in the store heard me use the word ‘hoax’ to another customer who was old family in the district. She objected to my scarf. She looked at me as if I’d hit her with a wooden plank. Cream pie never crossed my mind.
    November – the “Ring of Steel” around Melbourne is lifted and tourists are returning. Masks are still mandatory. It’s Spring, so I don’t have a scarf. Not even the co-op owner is wearing a mask at the counter, yet some customers are, including me. I tell her now I’m wearing one to keep her trading. She says if there is a fine, she’ll set up a GoFundMe. My mask comes off, she already knows my position. We have each other’s backs.

    There was an opening to see the wearing of a mask as concern for the owners livelihood and not anything to do with health. It was a shift from ‘sheeple’ That new gesture is certain to be discussed at the monthly Traders Association meeting. A LOT of our Shire Council members are traders. I’m sure I’m not the only non-mask wearing customer ready to chip in if there was a penalty. Sorry about the long post. It was a big picture to paint.

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