Dojo #80 – Addicted to Dilation

Elizabeth brings the heat to the mat and discusses her love/hate relationship with pain and learns where her electricity goes while she remains ashamed of it. Brenda is living in a terrain theory of violence and she’s staying planted for her family and explores ways to grow more energy.

One thought on “Dojo #80 – Addicted to Dilation

  1. Elizabeth this has been weighing on me since this dojo. You brought such depth here to this dojo and I ended up inadvertantly taking from that, waffling about my location which is an issue sure but i feel the timing was bad as what you brought here was profound and i thank you for your courage to say what you said and i believe you needed more witness on this. I’m sorry I couldn’t afford you more in that moment and thankful to James for impressing upon me to build electricity because I can offer so much more than I credit myself for and you Elizabeth deserved my witness.

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