Dojo #84 – To Catch a Predator

What makes a predator a predator? Emily confronts Matt about his private message. Matt listens. The dojo weighs in on their intuition and what was felt. Matt agrees to step out.

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  1. I want to thank you for the love and compassion I’ve felt from the episodes following this one. Again I’m sorry for the pm and it won’t happen again. As for my foreboding look which at least several people have mentioned…I am very anxious and fearful in new situations and at some point developed a stone type face as a defense. This is not an excuse it’s who I am. Over time I think I will show some emotions.

    1. More than one person has said that I blamed pot etc… What I said is that when I was a teen in my formative years I used it too much and I have a hurt and loss for what might have been otherwise. I’m not trying to blame anything.

        1. I’m trying to get most of this out here: More than one person has mentioned my cockpit being empty and this is not the case. Somebody’s home but the lights are not on. I assisted the elderly for many years before I moved to the SC coast in 2016 after the death of my mother. I absolutely have empathy. As another example of being able to make positive changes about eight years ago I went doctor shopping. I was on at least five different Rx’s: anti-depressants, pain pills and anti-anxiety. I was even more of a numb zombie looking soul than what people see now. As a point of fact the only drug I take now is for my thyroid which affects the outer third of some people’s eye brow which necessitated having to alter them. These are things that have been brought up so I want you to understand how I got here.

          1. Hi Matt. I saw all of your comments and want to commend you for coming back to the Dojo. I wanted to respond to you under #84 because it’s about a predatory energy and I’m seeing it as the same throughout the two World Wars and in contemporary times with our medical professions. My life experience is unique in that my father shaped my life with his lobotomy, the symptoms of which are uncannily similar to my Asperger ex-partner. One very similar memory was my going to lengths to explain the importance of something, only to have to explain it again the next day. Why that was, is that none of that was important to either my dad or my ex-partner to retain.

            Notice that the inventor of the lobotomy intervention won a Nobel Peace Prize for it! That medical professions can be held to the status they have today is beyond me. One day ‘the vacation’ will be an historical nightmare too. My main point was the wars, nurses as modern soldiers, how a sexual preference partner looks (costume or developmental stage) are all material aspects of focus. Witnessing the human spirit behind those aspects are what makes us human and immune to predation. Putting a cheerleader’s costume on Jesus Christ or Buddha seems just as weird to me. It becomes a matter of what we revere, and I found reverence a difficult, if not impossible, function in my dad (who had his cockpit destroyed) and my ex (who wasn’t in his most of the time). Just clarifying.

  2. Hello Dojo. I watched the episodes in a certain random order #80 to #82, #84 and then had to catch up on the missing #83 for context. All of them intense and I needed some days to sit with what it brought up for me, and yes, I have my hand up on Matt (84).  What Elizabeth talked about and Josh about the innate immune system his grandmother had that confounded the ‘doctors’, brought my ancestors right into focus. I will try to make this intergenerational story as brief as possible from my comment participation here and it leads to an insight after this quiet time.  My German grandmother also confounded the doctor with how she prolonged her life while having a terminal and untreatable illness. The doctor could only visit once a week and marvel at her endurance. She told her family that she knew her son was alive and that she would see him come home from WW2. Her story is an ancestral legend. Her son eventually did come home 6 years (!) after the war had ended, from a Russian gulag in Siberia (80,000 POWs went in and 8,000 returned). Another ancestral legend. What I, as his daughter, did not know about his ‘strangeness’ until he had a CAT scan because of a heart attack at 77, was that the X-rays showed a lobotomy which the doctor described as ‘an agricultural job’. No cockpit, no recovery.  The time it took to ‘cook’ that none of this was my fault was 35 years. Sometimes things take time and what sustained me in those years was my grandmother saw something different in my pre-war father that was not there post-war.  It just was not coming back in my case. James is right when he says that some people cannot be helped.
    So, what is enabling this consent deception in WW2 and 2021 if not a uniform? The predator loves a uniform. It could be in the form of a 14 year old body preference, or a cheer leaders outfit. It’s placing the importance on the material rather than the indwelling Human Spirit. Rose, I applaud your spirit in bringing this up and putting the focus back on what that comment did to your sense of I AM. Ultimately there will be no place for predators to hide when our innate organic abilities come back to see where the lights are on, only below the waist or all the way up. The pressure is on to artificially prevent us being fully Human that way. God Bless you all for being powerful in the Dojo here. Now to catch up on the next two Dojos!

  3. The later dojos are too late for me but I usually catch up by the next day. This was an amazing one and agreed, I felt an apprehension toward Matt (I’m not certain that could be called a judgement). Throughout my life I have had these feelings but without “evidence” no one takes me seriously but in recent years ONLY I do! The predator was key to my understanding and as I attempt to raise my daughter with less naivete I’m called bitter/twisted/ mentally deficient. I assure her that the inner voice is the one she needs to always take into account and is more trustworthy than anything I can say. I have reverence for the woman here and respect for the men here. My hope is that this tribe prevails. My joy would be figuring out how best to become a part of it all. Thank you James for making this possible and available, you already know I think you’re legend.

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