Dojo #93 – A Curious Tone

Linda and our quest for curiosity. When Josh tells his wife he appreciates her for being so flexible it opens the opportunity to hear she’s caving for him. Josh can tune his field to simply appreciate her without any words.


One thought on “Dojo #93 – A Curious Tone

  1. What a great Dojo with great people that I love! I had to pause this replay to take a call from an old friend of 25 years who works in aged care as personal assistant. We had to catch up on a lot. She said she would take the vacation to keep her job. I said I will not even if it means having to leave my home. The extended food garden I’ve created will provide good food at least to the new residents who did take the vacation. I will not wait and do nothing. She asked me “Why, what have you heard?” I told her that the Moderna website description of the vacation is less like a medical intervention and more like an operational delivery system, simply by the words used. Ultimately we are so powerful that how we feel about it is bound to produce an outcome regardless of the intent behind the vacation. We could agree on that and we moved on in the conversation. We both have children. Hers in the aged care field as well, and mine in the autistic care field. All will have to face this choice eventually. I love what you bring to the Dojo Linda, I’m with you dear woman!

    Brent, I have a musical gift for you next time you pilgrimage. There’s a bumper on YT “EMJ on Narrative vs Truth” with the best instrumental arrangement of “The Times They Are A’Changin” I’ve ever heard! I downloaded it for my playlist. A beautiful curious tone my friend.

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