One thought on “#Dojo 95 – Dilation without the Ego

  1. Hi Dojo. I have an ongoing share from the last 2 Dojos about curiosity. I remember thinking when my friend of 25 yrs, who I always saw as a fellow seeker, asked me what I’d heard about the vacation, and when the subject in ‘What’s in a Name’ emerged, the feeling I had in both instances was well, at least they are curious.

    The next day my friend rang me back again (we hadn’t been in touch for most of 2020). She recommended a book to me called “Rapture 911”. I told her I’d look into it. The author’s bio has all these links and one to the Calvary Church I knew nothing about. Their website is full of lights, hands in the air, musicians, in short, cheerleaders. I’m all for curiosity without an agenda! The Calvary Church won’t be behind us when we choose the most life altering offerings, only our ancestors will be there.

    My children both work in Autistic care as our town has the state’s primary facility, and they are learning to be firm in their cockpits to navigate this job successfully. Even Rudolf Steiner said the the teacher to student ratio in years to come will be 1:1 This was an important Dojo and thank you all for sharing!

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