Dojo #96 – The Raising of Current

Current starts in the body as ignorance, then fear, then anger, then compassion, then insight, then action. The amount of force we can apply to our current determines how far it goes.

One thought on “Dojo #96 – The Raising of Current

  1. I loved listening to these great ideas coming together! I recently watched a YT talk of Oren Lyons on Sovereignty and I understand more on Unanimous Council and the two Laws of Respect and Sharing. So beautiful to vision 7 generations ahead. It’s why I shared my story, grim as it was, to illustrate the generational effects of our words and actions, and our power in them. The question, has what we are about to say or do have relevance to all our ancestors, young, old and in between? We have much to learn about prana conservation from these Elders, and I include Brent in that Circle.

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