Sneak Peak at the Book Cover and back text

What’s inside: The Oracle of Mythology. The Genesis of Memory. The Carnal-val of Giants. The rise of Priapus. The Divine Twins’ twins. The Almond Tower. Abraxas in a speedo. The Horned Venus. The hushing of Hashem. The ritual of John the Baptist. Psych profile on Jesus Christ. The Lady of the Lake. The Kristos and the Kristna. The Fallopian Flood Story. Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Adam. Cyclops are really gullible. The Valley of Ka. Titans were into cannibalism and incest. The rattlesnake in the Temple. Canaan’s mom was his grandfather. Prometheus and the Lady of Blind Justice. The Baphomet of Egypt. The Cherub in the Sphinx. The oldest constellation ever found. Noah was roofied. Horus is the placenta. The next Ark of Chimera.
I thought it might be neat to see all of the cover ideas I considered so I included them here.

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