Hoot Haus

This Summer I stepped up my efforts at Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary. We made a ton of improvements since the spring of 2009. This is one of those efforts. It is a 170 square-foot habitat. The habitat features a double-door entry chamber, metal roof, 6×6 footers, 2x flooring (100% recycled). 9 foot interior ceiling, and log cabin walls (also recycled). Southern exposure offers the residents a full-day of sunshine with plenty of overhang to protect from the rain. Currently, we are housing two great-horned owls but the habitat is built for the wide variety of lifeforms we encounter at Genesis. We’ve temporarily named it “Hoot Haus”. Tons of folks helped build it including: Gary, Ron, Denise, Wes, Syd, Amanda, Leslie, and Yvonne (I bet i have forgotten someone here so sorry). in 2010 I hope to rebuild more of our habitats in a similar style. We finished this days before the first snow so there is still some finishing work left to be done once the warm weather comes back.

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