#066 – Racism is Germ Theory

If American racism was real: – Jussie Smollett wouldn’t have to fake a lynching. – Charlottesville wouldn’t have to stage a riot. – White cops wouldn’t have Asian partners. – People would be proud when called “racist.” – People would not have put two black men in the White House. All the herd will hear from what’s happening in Minneapolis is “Citizens are dangerous. Cops are racist. People can’t be trusted. We need more government.” This is a “Mission Accomplished” for someone. Same way in Charlottesville. This is a machine that feeds off a belief we can’t be trusted. This is how we reject our power. If Trunk would deputize every black person in America, white people would finally stop calling cops racist. This proves we want racism to hide from the responsibilities of our sovereignty. We reject the requirement for Vigilance. The Yellow Vests are a gift of Baal.

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