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You can get all three of my books for one low price.  The Spell of Six Dragons, Blueprints of Mind Control, and The Technology of Belief.

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“Unbelievable. Utterly fantastic and so full of Divine wisdom.” – Suzan
“Thank you James for fighting for the truth. You’re a warrior-poet.” – beauty
“That was a intense read, I read it twice. Can’t believe how blind I have been” – Rob
“BEAUTIFUL PIECE! You are gifted” – Crystal
“TRUTH! You are friggin’ BRILLIANT, James True.” – Rebecca
“This spoke deeply to me. Thank you James.” – Wayne
“The level of emotion you are able to express thru writing is beautiful. Poetry.” – Maggi
“Raw and Ripe” – Qustomer
“How do you know these things?” – Heidi
“Poet Laureate” – Suki
“This is very deep and moving” – Ida
“Your words shake my very soul” – Connie
“You are our Ernest Hemingway” – Caroline
“No words can describe my feelings as I read this.” – Wendy
“Powerful and succinct” – Aria
“What an amazing article! The insight, analysis, language…it blew me away.” – Sanna
“I like your style. carry on” – Finn
“James’ work is invaluable” – Tiffany
“truly creative yet on point with truth” – Paul
“Another home run” – Tony

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