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6 months ago

Hey James- been following you periodically since March 2020…just wanted to give you a quick shout out. You have been consistantly one of a very small number of people actually challenging all beliefs. I never needed to agree with you on all things, i simply needed to find another voice ready to challenge their own beliefs constantly. People are still unfortunately afraid of honesty and authenticity, remaining wrapped in delusions. The ‘truth’ community is a joke – thinking themselves so awake. What ever happened to Awareness. Consciousness is not dependant on being awake, but by being aware. Lucid dreaming Now. I wish i could say i was often able to be honest without triggering people on various ‘truth’ platforms over these past two years…but even in Your chatroom early on, it was impossible. Just know there is someone out there whom you could Never alienate with words or ideas. We are in quite a psychospiritual quandry. 99% of people dont Really want eachother to be free, as you can plainly see. Ive rambled enough – just know there are others beyond your dojo who comprehend where your coming from. Id have joined the dojo along time ago – but id just be pissing people off – and pissing in the wind. Its a mutual admiration cult in any group and they dont really want to challenge their preconceptions…very few enjoy being uncomfortable with their ideation. Ill be watching you like a barn owl – of that you can be sure. Youve always been a breath of fresh air – salute nigger cunt ; )