#308 – Putin on the Risk

Putin only needs Ukraine in someone’s stable. It doesn’t matter who. There is no strategic advantage to having to now defend Ukraine. There is a strategic advantage to Ukraine being swallowed up by the same entity he already has a working relationship with. It could easily be a trade. Like one farmer letting another have his mule. It might seem disadvantageous but only if you fail to understand the farmers’ relationship with each other.

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Richard Bertrand
6 months ago

I think he is pointing out that Ukraine will soon be on a side in this game or already is, based upon the outside pressure. Both sides of this “war” are controlled by the same families, just like every conflict seemingly. So a specific outcome isn’t needed, only the struggle that forces them to “choose”.a side. Listening to the podcast could also clarify if I’ve failed.

6 months ago

That introduction makes absolutely no sense.