Yes We Kraine

Ukraine fires up its war economy and begs its way into the belly of globalism. Ukraine is a burning grove of rebels and the people who defend it are dipped in gasoline. Fresh men in knee pads take government guns and no one who can fight is allowed to leave. This is the end of their country and America says, “Yes We Kraine.” All of this is happening because countries are not what we think. The powers behind Ukraine installed a reality terrorism actor to host a revolution on location in the capital. And Zelenskyy believed it as much as the American people still do. If you were in charge of America why would you submit yourself to a chaotic career in politics when you could hire someone? Isn’t being in charge the opposite of begging for votes in the yard? These are tough times because we insist on believing in countries.

Putin only needs Ukraine in someone’s stable. It doesn’t matter who. There is no strategic advantage to having to now defend Ukraine. There is a strategic advantage to Ukraine being swallowed up by the same entity he already has a working relationship with. It could easily be a trade. Like one farmer letting another have his mule. It might seem disadvantageous but only if you don’t understand the farmers’ relationship with each other.

The fear of life without politicians is melanin flooding our screen. We told ourselves this wasn’t a jungle the day we invented a fence. The entire dream of civilization was built around the technology of declaring anything inside a fence as good and anything outside as evil. A New World Order is squeezed from these drops of denialism. Globalism was always the venom. Annuit Coeptis was always the cure.

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6 months ago

You are a brilliant writer,
and a brilliant Heart…
Thank you James.

6 months ago

Yup. Agree. You are an actual Thinker! Thanks!