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Rick Godley
6 months ago

Good words. May I receive understanding of all that was spoken.

Jane Cooper
Jane Cooper
6 months ago

James gave a great interview, very articulate and elucidating summary of his message! I enjoyed it very much!

Ishe Boge
6 months ago

Great discussion James, and I have to say that I share your undercurrent of anxiety about waking people up ‘quickly’. I’ve had talks with some Steiner people here about doing a talk on Threefold Social Organism in our town, and they tell me we should be asked. Well, I have been asked into the alternative society group here and although I fully understand the Angel Protocols, how are people supposed to know what to ask if they don’t know what is actually already out there? My talk is in 2 weeks. God Bless the Tribe!

Debby Lammam
6 months ago

This is so helpful for me. Comprehensive (and for me very accessible) explanation of your work James! Thank you.