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3 months ago

Hi James! Wow, I just finished this video, began it to fall asleep listening and finished it this morning. I really have no words except a feeling of completion. As I mentioned in my first comment, what I appreciate about your gift is you bring it DOWN crystal clear. I can reach out an touch it, turn it around, look at it. see it. And of course comprehend it. I find it all liberating and invigorating.

I have bound myself with so many chains and I think that now I am finally seeing that I am Free NOW like I always thought, yet at the same time was still bound. So something is happening inside.

What prompted me to respond is thinking of a very good dear friend who is also a devout literal “believer” of the Bible. And I have to hear her say over and over that “God is in control”, or variations of “it IS going to happen”, “there is nothing we can do”, The United States isn’t mentioned so we are history. …. So I observe the power of her Belief. I even admire it because of her steadfast faith in Jesus. And because of her steadfast faith, I think something positive will happen. I hope.

The irony is that she left the Catholic faith because she saw that it was a cult. She influenced all her extended family away from it, but does not see she is yet in a cult! And they feel, no they KNOW they are superior.

And there are so many people in this cult along with the world wide song that is playing to all in the beast world. Its like a cult within a cult.

And no one ever seems to focus on the most liberating words that Yeshua shares, and most people don’t even believe that the great abilities are available NOW. NO. It stopped back then like a freak storm, but its gone now.

It is interesting to me that your work is the latest answer to my prayer for truth.

For someone who began back in the 70’s being weaned on Ruth Montgomery, Edgar Cayce, the SETH books, plus being locked in hellish circumstances and wanting out, it has taken such a long time to get anywhere! Anywhere I can literally stand up and use or change things. I went through the advant of channeling. I think I was in an honest source, because the focus was on removing subconscious belief patterns. Yet THIS WORLD remained unexplained other than I am creating it, but that is not enough! And there seemed to be an unwritten rule that one did not discuss The Dark lest you draw ITS attention or bring to you what you do not want. I did not even know there was something to know. So for me, all the spiritual work, faith, and effort led me no where, I was still trapped and miserable, and it was “my fault” but I did not no why, and it was a shame based thing.

I went rogue when I was 48 and began looking at what I was told not to look at, and here I am! I had and have so much fear about being me in this time and place. NOW. And then a few years back before Trump and Covid I began asking for the Truth, thinking “spiritual”, but the last 3ish years have been focused on the earth physical world and brought it all home. You may have issues with “Polly” but she too has her place, though I never got into nor cared about Q. Her knack is to show people and their actions and associations all in plain sight. Also I saw a piece from someone else on Trump Tower! OMG. And then your piece on orange man.

You are part of an awesome choir all bringing it down and helping us see it plain and simple, it’s ALL IN PLAIN SIGHT AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN IN PLAIN SIGHT, and yet I need all of you to show me!

At the same time, there is the inner. I have long put the inner on hold for some unknown reason. I never felt at ease or safe to go within much. Now it is coming together in a balanced fashion for along with your reveal, I have found a way that works for me to go within. But now I won’t have all those crap assumptions about what it is suppose to be or look like!

Everything you teach is about the little man patriarchal domination over the land, and now the balance, woman, the divine feminine they call it, is returning…. we are part of that here and now!

I’ve ordered a few books too!

Now on to part 2!

5 months ago

James is this where I message you?

Philip Earwood
5 months ago
Reply to  James True

This email address is kicking back my letters