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Bruce Winship Wright
Bruce Winship Wright
5 months ago

James, I discovered you about 3 years ago and found you to be brilliant, just very difficult to understand. I bought your books which helped me understand you a little better. I really believe you have a genius-level intellect and I love your sound and your personality. If I had grown up around you I would have wanted you to be one of my better friends. If we were close friends I could make you clarify many of the things you say, so that I could truly understand you. I keep coming back to your website, every month, or so, just to see if you have tried to make yourself at least a little more easily understood, but you never change. That’s OK. You continue to create a new language, altering the meanings of words to suit yourself, and continue to use “clever” comparisons and analogies, which only serve to create more confusion within your listeners. You have chosen to place far more value on your “style” than on your substance or message. It appears that you would prefer to “seem” cool, rather than BE COOL. You have so much talent too.