368 – New Fire Ceremony

The Aztec New Fire Ceremony occurs every 52 years, give or take a Spanish invasion. This ceremony marks the great loop of the Sun and Venus completing their cycles in unison. You notice right away how sacrifice victims are treated. Some are praised, some are tortured, some are ignored. This is the same parable we see in our modern relationships when we watch the golden child and scapegoat unfold. Something deeper is happening and it’s the voice of Amuraca. What you will see in this series is how this voice of the soil speaks through the Olmecs, the Maya, the Aztecs, and American politics with the same symbolism. Quequetzalcoatl means “in whom the serpent rises.” This is the sixth sun, the time of Iztac Tonatiuh, the White Sun.

Today’s episode is part two in the Aztec Series.



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