One thought on “396 – It Friday – Zog Go Clubbing

  1. There was a moment where you were talking about being very happy where you were at, after the care bear splooge comments and I found that sensation of happy where I am arise out of the murk of feeling that I should be more. Who says?! Probably my own vitriol. So not a problem either, that I have those thoughts because if I didn’t have them I wouldn’t notice myself rising out of them. Integrating….taking in a lot of your content, reading your books. Almost ready to stay current and explore airship experience. Just bought into witness. Been working my way into your work a few months now, James. Celebrating you being you and being available to me as a resource. Really enjoying my mind bending and blowing and my inadvertent liberal conditioning jumping ship. Horribly hungry for attention, reflection and applause on flotilla stream. So be me. My needs are getting met there and the exposure to all of this feels deeply shifty.

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