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Recorded a great conversation this morning with Typical Skeptic.

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  1. I hear voices and want to discuss some information with you I have recently come across regarding schizophrenia, the “God Gene” VMAT2, DARPA and their new program ARPA-H, the covid vaccine and much more how it all ties together please contact me if you get this. 651-206-5567 … Also these voices seemed to get confused at one point in time and mentioned the name of the program they were working for it was some letters and numbers but then they started shouting over each other so I couldn’t get it straight. Trying to get a hold of Jerry Marzinsky sent this to him but then my computer fucking went nuts so…. “Schizophrenia or “hearing voices” and how it relates to the “God Gene” – VMAT2. Below are a couple of links I really would love for you to check out and see what your thoughts are on all of this. I began hearing voices a few months ago and am trying to figure out what is causing it and how I can get it to stop without taking antipsychotics. I have come across something strange that links “Schizophrenia” to the covid vaccine, DARPA and their new program that was just funded for a billion dollars by the US. Also, you may want to speak to a man named True Ott if you can find a way to get a hold of him about the VMAT2 gene and how it relates to all this. I am terrified to post this and have it not get to you because the links on the “BREAKING NEWS” video that he has sited as sources are either no longer the ones they were or they have been taken down and blocked. I personally only watched them last night.”

    yeah my email is on the fritz and so is my phone since I have been digging into this but it would sure be great to hear from you! samschaaf@hotmail.com phone number is above

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