The Technology of Musk

There is a technology to Elon Musk. It is far more profound than whether or not he lies. Musk creates a vortex around him and there is no way he can stop. His purchase of Twitter is a crucial fuel he needs to keep climbing. This is how psychic energy works. Musk is showing you the only way to outer space.

I used to be angry and Elon but I think I was just struggling with how the world worked. I see him now as someone who is on the bleeding edge of belief technology. He’s a true addict and he has no choice but to lie until it kills him.

“Find what you love and let it kill you.” -Bukowski

My book Technology of Belief:

One thought on “The Technology of Musk

  1. His character on the world stage is reminds me of Steve Urkel. The “did I do that?” Kind of “ignorance” but not really ignorant. I believe he knows what he’s being used for like a revelation of the method. I wish him the best even though he’s a character that some love to hate. James, you are the man.

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