Admiral Byrd’s Bionic Dog

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Admiral Byrd could not have been an Admiral because he never made it out of the Naval Academy. The official story says this was due to an incurable foot injury while practicing gymnastics.

All this happened when he was 24 and older his brother was Governor. They were building a dynasty on the story of Antartica and crafted their tale for the public to digest as a hero.

This is the same role of Senator John McCain who was a menace in the air and was grounded to be a Manchurian candidate.

Byrd’s family already occupied the governorship of Virginia and ran the powerful political machine known as the Byrd Organization. This family lobbied Congress to create a new division of Naval Intelligence with Byrd in charge whose mission was to protect the secrets of Antartica.

Admiral “Byrd” and his weather-impervious miracle dog were commissioned by Naval Intelligence to paint a story the people could believe. Like the Warren Commission, they delivered exactly that.

Unable to track down the dog’s family, I will let you know if anything new develops.

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Nic S
Nic S
19 days ago

Thanks James. One of Admiral Byrd’s grandsons, Geoff Byrd, is a musician who wrote this song “Fly Free” after working as a high school teacher. The lyrics include the line “My grandpa was a 33rd degree freemason.”