The Oracle of Mythology

I am still reverberating inside from the things I uncovered in 2023. Only some of this research you watched unfold on my livestreams. The Land of the Giants made me understand how much ancestral DNA is encoded in our mythology and I had to write it down. I summarized these findings in the book Ark of Baphomet and delivered a gnostic interpretation of this research on the Summer Solstice of 2023 at The Theosophical Society in America during the AstroGnosis Conference. The producers of AstroGnosis have generously provided me a recording so I can share it with you today for the very first time.

Many of the slides in my presentation would violate censorship laws because they show an early form of YHWH, (called Priapus) expressed through the Roman worship of the phallus. Because of this I am unable to include many of the slides here but the rest can be seen on Patreon. The fact we are living in 2024 and the deity Priapus is still being worshipped with our shame should be profound to us all.

Even this week I keep uncovering new material that verifies mythology as a bonafide oracle of the future. This oracle is preserved in the amber of mythology only from the reverence we give it. The same oracle is in all the arts including the ones we call science. What makes mythology so special is it hasn’t been tainted by a clergy that doesn’t know itself to be a church.

Man grew a nose long after he had olfactory. The nose is the ability to occult smell. It is a sacred cave where ideas can be digested alone. Most of what we see in the world is still occulted for this reason. We are taking our time like a blind child feeling his way around a room.

If you find this material stimulating there is so more in my book Ark of Baphomet.

If you prefer my livestream format, a lot of the material is discussed here:

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I made a YouTube Playlist of all 8 episodes

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