Science has a Dirty Secret

We freely study the science of religion but no one may speak on the religion of science. To suggest such a thing is heresy. The suggestion that science could have a religious component could only be a taboo among followers.

But science doesn’t have followers, right?

I find this trait illuminating and it has led me to understand knowledge is petrified belief. Every crusade in history knew itself as the science of its day. Zealotry can be seen when we ask it to reveal itself. The reaction science gives carries the mark of the beast.

I believe this is good news and once understood provides a remedy to why so many scientific journals are publishing bad, or even fraudulent, data for decades without noticing.

The quantum of reality will always allow us to shape our realm to conform to every gamble with belief. We are truly ghosts in our own machine.

I devoted an entire book to this idea. The Technology of Belief

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