416 – You Must be this Tall

Objective reality is the ultimate conspiracy. The conspiracy is linear finitude. The conspiracy is the conformity to sameness. It 100% impossible to see the same thing twice. Still people insist it can be done. But it can’t because objective reality isn’t a part of reality. The conspiracy is a majority of people must approve and agree before you will consider what you see in the world as valid.

One thought on “416 – You Must be this Tall

  1. I’m so glad you talked about this!! I have been feeling like I’m losing my mind because, according to my reasoning abilities, if there is any subjective reality at all, then there can be no objective reality.

    I have been going round and round with myself for three years, asking if objective reality is possible. I know so many people who believe in objective reality, but I haven’t been convinced. They are adamant! They are offended if you don’t buy in.

    The other thing that blows my mind about this show, is that ANYONE who does not know James True would have NO idea what this show is about. They would diagnose you as CRAZY and your listeners as well.

    It dizzying to be so tuned in to this frequency that I can feel the slaves receding from me.

    I get more and less electricity lately but it reminds me of learning to ride a unicycle, there were brief moments when I could feel myself perfectly balanced over the tire but I really didn’ know how I got there.

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