415 – A Trellis in the Garden

I used to think secret societies hoarded their rituals and symbolism, always trying to keep them secret from the public. I’d twiddle my devious fingers when i felt I had broken their precious code and I would expose them to the world. I saw deep into my own foolishness. I saw my humanity and realized what posed the biggest threat to me wasn’t government. It was the lack of human consciousness. And so, I became one of them.

2 thoughts on “415 – A Trellis in the Garden

  1. My suggestibility has cost me a great deal over the years, but it’s okay. I like expensive things.

    Many think, “it is the mark of an educated man to entertain a thought without accepting it,” but I’ve foolishly plunged wholly into most of the thoughts I’ve entertained.

    That goes doubly for the idea of sovereignty, and I concur with JT in this way: Sovereignty is a step you won’t find looking down.

    Furthermore—as Thomas Paine and Albert Camus helped me realize—the puritan within me will eventually turn freedom into ‘slavery to liberty’.

    Actually, James True put it best many moons ago when he asked his audience if they were free to live without breath.

    Thanks for another great show. You put your shoulder to a term like sovereignty
    and make it feel less burdensome for a person like me.

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