The spell over California is so blatant it works as a form of camouflage. From taxes, regulations, environmental shaming, neglect, theft, and corruption, California is not an accident. California is a living 9/11 we pretend it is just bad luck. But the symbolism tells us its something more sinister… Topics covered: California Fires, HAM radio fines, Government failures, Seattle needle program, San Francisco poop maps, Sodomy capital of the world, Crowley’s homunculus, CERN.

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9 months ago

Thanks for making this video, I want to know this stuff.

kim scratch
kim scratch
11 months ago

Yes it is tricky in backwards world. Where no good deed goes unpunished. Keep up the great research an revelations.

Randy Smith
Randy Smith
1 year ago

Another great one James. I Left California 18 months ago for NC. Glad I did.