From Jesus to Lord of the Flies

You find zeitgeist at the mall. You find truth at the flea market. There is a technology working to harvest our belief. Belief is the most valuable commodity in the world. Kanye knows it. CERN knows it. Governments know it. Wizards know it. Let’s talk about it. Let’s find power in our own prana and learn to be more careful where we send it.

In this video I discuss why Kanye runs to Jesus then dresses like the Lord of the Flies. We cover the difference between natural and corporate sigils. We talk about your belief as an ectoplasmic energy. Something that’s finite, crucial, and more valuable than gold. Please consider adding a comment on the YouTube video as that will help me grow an audience.

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James, you really bring great insight to present day reality. If you have the time, maybe you can peruse this site:


I haven’t subscribed as yet to your blog, but you haven’t lost this reader, I visit your site fairly regularly as I enjoy your style of writing and videos. I have been researching this information for over 9 years now, mainly nutrition and health, which started when my mum was ill in 2009/2010 – she passed in 2010. I now take care of my elderly father who has the ubiquitous dementia! Of course once you start on one alternative subject you have to look into it all, mad multi-tasking. I have 4 grown children now, and it is far from… Read more »


I just love the flavour of your truth. But you may not be losing followers it may be censortube? Were the sabatean frankists on that NWO map? Many thanks. x PS I really don’t want there to be stuff like this for me to know x